Performance reflection

Learning By Thinking: How Reflection Improves Performance

But the downside is that, as a result, it takes longer to run. Were you nervous at any time during the performance. Were you here every day.

Harvard and others have done extensive research on self-reflection as it relates to productivity and have found great benefit in the practice.

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We also had great articulation by speaking loudly and with great expression. Additionally, there was no point in being nervous for the group as at that point we practiced as much as we could have and the presentation shall reflect that.

Stick with it until you get there, and if you start to slip, get yourself back on track.

The Performance Cost of Reflection

How will my response be scored. The assessors will examine your reflection commentary for evidence of how you draw upon principles of theory and research to analyze your observations and to make decisions about improving your teaching practice.

Thirdly, I feel that Ellie had good characterization as Cinderella by acting very innocent and sad; however she could have improved her concentration by not laughing during certain scenes.

You may also want to share your responses with your cooperating teacher. Intentionally reflecting only when you feel like it, when you think you have time, or every other Thursday will make it too easy to forget or put it off for another day. I feel that they had a very creative idea of modernizing the script, and had an excellent set to match this theme.

Lastly, I feel that Phill had good characterization as the price as he acted very strong and slightly demanding, however like Ellie, he should have stayed focused and not laughed during some of the scenes.

You should help the assessor understand what you have learned about teaching the content of the Learning Segment based on your observation of how your students responded to the instructional strategies and materials and your analysis of student learning.

We also understood our characters well due to our strong focus on characterization, and therefore had excellent pacing.

Why is reflection slow?

GetProperty "Data", bindingFlags ; return string property. While we would sometimes get slightly distracted, we always pulled ourselves together and managed to get most of our tasks done. Reflection After you have taught your Learning Segment and completed a draft of your reflection section of the Teaching Event, think about your reflection by answering the following questions.

What role does student learning play in your reflections. This is not intended to be a punishment to endure. How would you use new strategies and materials. We make use of the. Secondly, I feel that Simon had his lines memorized well and was very organized thorough the performance, however he could have taken it to the next level and had some more expression.

If you would spend more time on one learning task, for example, which of the remaining learning tasks would you cut back and how. Because my character did not have many lines, I had fully practiced and memorized my parts at home. However, I feel that we should have practiced some more after class to get certain details perfected.

Reflecting on Work Improves Job Performance

It is possible to self-generate feedback on your performance through reflection. In this article I’ll share my 3-step process.

A 3-Step Process To Improve With Self-Reflection. Begin by thinking of a specific leadership activity you played a role in. This could be a coaching conversation, a sales call, or an encounter with your teenager.

It’s common knowledge that reflection is slow, but why is that the case? This post aims to figure that out by looking at what reflection does under-the-hood. Mar 02,  · Fifth Harmony performs "Reflection” live on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater LA.

Fifth Harmony’s new album “Reflection” available now. Hi all, Here are the examples I shared with you in class today of well-written thesis statements and descriptive writing from your classmates. Enjoy! Reflection is a way of obtaining metadata information about the types used in applications, which helps you describing the types, modules or assemblies at runtime.

This is an extremely useful feature in the strongly-typed languages like C#. The assessors will examine your daily reflections, your reflection on your Instruction, and your reflection commentary for evidence of how you monitor student learning in relationship to the objectives of the Learning Segment.

Performance reflection
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