Reflection on paintings

The bold primary colours, clear lines and cartoon captions are there too, along with the selection of a glamorous woman as seen in various stages of his career. Before judging his paintings positively or negatively one needs to focus on deeper study of his artwork because in Balthus case each element of the image tells a story, understanding of which depends on how far we are prepared intellectually to dissect the hidden meanings.

Tips for Painting Water and Reflections

Balthus qualities as a painter do not exclude a question, if his artwork is about admiration or perversity of the female childhood. Editions Gallimard, Paris, France, Observation and practice will help you paint what you see and not what you know.

Clearly, the fake highlight does work or it would not have survived eons of selection pressure. The duality he is experiencing is perhaps the reason behind the figure looking both ways. This silvering process was adapted for mass manufacturing and led to the greater availability of affordable mirrors.

Her face and a part of her body are in the shadow suggesting her innocence and sexual ignorance. Through his art he was trying to prolong the memories of his own childhood and all his childish erotic fantasies. It helps to sketch out a diagram of how light hits the object and meets the eye, as I did in the boat example.

A Reflection of You Painting

This particular story inspired majority of his artwork. Balthus plays with colors to symbolize the content of the picture. This helps you figure out shadow lines, because it means you only need to find interfacing points.

The painting scandalized the public and the French media showed no mercy. The closer the water is to the viewer, the less it reflects an image of the earth and sky.

The clear limits between land, sea and sky divide and hierarchies the composition, vertically organized by the two flags fluttered by the ocean breeze. Determine the various angle proportions. Seductive Girl came in and featured a return for the artist to the heroines found in his wor around the s.

It is considered one of his finest and most vigorous late works. The mast likewise reflects in equal angles on the water surface.

Use geometric lines diagonally across the center to determine where the boat doubles in perspective, and therefore where the reflection is. The red skirt surrounds the covered crotch suggesting the future fortress of sexual desires.

Shallow water is generally warmer in tone which is affected by the rocks, sand and algae underneath. It is beautifully painted canvas. To the certain degree he was a perfect pedophile, one of those who just imagine and keep his dreams in closed room of his mind. His artwork is certainly controversial according to the contemporary social fragility towards such delicate issues as a depiction of the sexual innocence of the children, especially young girls.

A better method was to blow a cylinder of glass, cut off the ends, slice it down the center, and unroll it onto a flat hearth. 1.

As we consider the painting of the boat above, use a simplified object on the water in perspective. The image of the boat reflects in equal angles on the water surface.: 2. The vertical mast meets the water reflection surface far behind the boat reflection point.

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Professional matting and framing services. Recently, a Fine Art Tips reader asked me to share some tips for painting water and the sun reflections at sunset. Like many, this new painter has been a bit intimidated by depicting reflected light on water.

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Reflection on paintings
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